Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Interview 1
by Christopher J. Bradley
(c)2004 - Tone Def 1

The following is a transcript from an on-line discussion with the first known user to browse the new www.tonedef1.com site. It's interesting to see the reactions sparked by this phenomenon. We'll see how it goes in the coming days.

noisecontrol1 (10:40:16 AM): Hello and good morning
andysheart1966 (10:40:32 AM): hello and good morning
noisecontrol1 (10:40:48 AM): Are you in the US or Australia?
andysheart1966 (10:41:07 AM): US
noisecontrol1 (10:41:17 AM): Do you enjoy music?
andysheart1966 (10:41:30 AM): yea I do
noisecontrol1 (10:41:41 AM): Do you ever write about it?
andysheart1966 (10:41:52 AM): no I just write poems
noisecontrol1 (10:42:13 AM): Would you like to experiment with writing about music?
noisecontrol1 (10:42:45 AM): You could restrict it to poetic form
andysheart1966 (10:42:45 AM): no I am fine with just listening to it.
noisecontrol1 (10:43:04 AM): Would you like to skim a blog about music?
noisecontrol1 (10:43:16 AM): www.tonedef1.com
noisecontrol1 (10:43:32 AM): I just got it put together today
andysheart1966 (10:43:39 AM): okay
noisecontrol1 (10:43:53 AM): Just click the link it should take you there
andysheart1966 (10:44:01 AM): I did
noisecontrol1 (10:44:26 AM): Cool. I'll let you read for a few and then I'll ask you what you think
noisecontrol1 (10:44:36 AM): I'm still writing
noisecontrol1 (10:44:45 AM): Another blog about travel
andysheart1966 (10:44:51 AM): okay
noisecontrol1 (10:44:57 AM): Cool
noisecontrol1 (10:45:02 AM): See you soon
andysheart1966 (10:45:23 AM): btw nice rhymes
noisecontrol1 (10:45:31 AM): Thanks
noisecontrol1 (10:45:38 AM): Glad to see someone saw them
andysheart1966 (10:46:50 AM): yw have rhymed on stage before?
noisecontrol1 (10:47:12 AM): Not necessarily. Kind of shouted and made noise.
noisecontrol1 (10:47:17 AM): I did some techno Mc
noisecontrol1 (10:47:23 AM): stuff 10 years ago
andysheart1966 (10:47:27 AM): aha
andysheart1966 (10:50:38 AM): so like Jam Master Jay you are more of the DJ than MC
noisecontrol1 (10:50:55 AM): Well, I actually compose music
noisecontrol1 (10:51:09 AM): I have synthesisers sequencers and samplers
noisecontrol1 (10:51:22 AM): I don't have turntables
andysheart1966 (10:51:31 AM): he composed some of RUN DMC's rhymes too and produced
noisecontrol1 (10:51:39 AM): I also have a pretty powerful PC hooked up to them
andysheart1966 (10:51:47 AM): cool
noisecontrol1 (10:52:10 AM): Jam Master Jay was one of my favorite producers to read about in Keyboard Magazine
andysheart1966 (10:52:41 AM): he was truly great
noisecontrol1 (10:52:45 AM): I wrote a poem about him right after he died. That was a tragic end.
noisecontrol1 (10:53:05 AM): I miss mary mary and king of rock
noisecontrol1 (10:54:07 AM): Do you mind if i publish our conversation about music as an interview on the website?
noisecontrol1 (10:54:20 AM): Who else do you like?
andysheart1966 (10:55:00 AM): it is a shame him, left eye and aaliyah had died within months apart from eachother
noisecontrol1 (10:56:14 AM): I know. The music industry definitely has its unsung heroes. I was a fan of aaliyah. It's good that we still have living artists like Alicia Keys and Mos Def and Missy to keep us inspired.
andysheart1966 (10:56:27 AM): yep
noisecontrol1 (10:57:21 AM): You can even find inspiration in the works created from the tupac and biggie archives. You don't have to be alive to be continued by people. It's part of what heaven's all about I guess. You live beyond yourself by writing so much that it is undeniable that you have lived well .
andysheart1966 (10:57:38 AM): Mos Def has diversified himself. not only a rap artist, but an actor as well
noisecontrol1 (10:58:46 AM): And a poet. Don't forget the HBO Def Poetry Jam
andysheart1966 (10:59:05 AM): some artists though have rifts between eachother like 50 cent and Ja Rule, do not want to follow into the violent path as tupac and biggie did
andysheart1966 (11:00:11 AM): most rap artists are poets
noisecontrol1 (11:00:43 AM): I had the same concern. Because I saw the possibility that if they went to the mat, there would be a literal war between their henchmen to be rivaled by only those of the mobsters of the Chicagoland Valentines Day Hits and other horrors like it.
andysheart1966 (11:01:19 AM): yep
andysheart1966 (11:01:28 AM): brb
noisecontrol1 (11:02:07 AM): The last thing I want to see as a responsible multicultured person is to see violence of any sort, black, white or otherwise. We have been trying to overcome these issues for nearly 400 years, and its time that history does itself justice and listens to Jefferson instead of Lincoln.
noisecontrol1 (11:02:27 AM): Did I ever tell you I was into Politics?
noisecontrol1 (11:02:30 AM): Smiles
noisecontrol1 (11:02:35 AM):
noisecontrol1 (11:03:19 AM): I'm listening to Blink 182 on Radio One right now. The song Miss You is pretty cool
andysheart1966 (11:03:55 AM): Im back
noisecontrol1 (11:04:04 AM): They could do some things more energetic, but I suppose I can afford them one rock ballad, they deserve it after all these years of writing commercial punk.
noisecontrol1 (11:04:13 AM): Never noticed you were gone.
andysheart1966 (11:04:31 AM): I hate politics which is funny, because I am studying to be a paralegal
noisecontrol1 (11:04:38 AM): Hey, are you interested in sharing your contact list, I'll share mine
andysheart1966 (11:04:45 AM): yea brb is be right back
andysheart1966 (11:05:05 AM):
noisecontrol1 (11:05:48 AM): Is it possible to share contact lists in this program?
andysheart1966 (11:06:19 AM): I do not know, but my contact is private
andysheart1966 (11:06:35 AM): looooooooooooooooooooooooooool @ shrek smileys
noisecontrol1 (11:06:43 AM): Whoa.
noisecontrol1 (11:06:46 AM): Ok
andysheart1966 (11:07:37 AM): well when yahoo gets creative, they really do get creative
noisecontrol1 (11:07:54 AM): Oh yeah. I meant to tell you last time I spoke to you that I looked at your arty web pages. I really like your work. Its good.
noisecontrol1 (11:08:11 AM): I especially liked the Surrealism folder
andysheart1966 (11:08:13 AM): thanks
noisecontrol1 (11:08:55 AM): Any bands that you are into right now, any out of the ordinary or quirky ones?
noisecontrol1 (11:09:29 AM): I like a band called Something Corporate, that until this year, virtually no one had heard of.
noisecontrol1 (11:09:57 AM): They have an incredible rock ballad called Konstantine that is almost 12 minutes long.
noisecontrol1 (11:10:28 AM): Would you like to see some fun photos?
noisecontrol1 (11:10:54 AM): They are wedding and Niagara Falls photos
andysheart1966 (11:10:58 AM): I am diversed in my music as I like both usa, european, middle eastern and asian music
andysheart1966 (11:11:02 AM): cool
andysheart1966 (11:11:41 AM): I cannot open them
noisecontrol1 (11:11:57 AM): There
noisecontrol1 (11:12:06 AM): Can you see them now
andysheart1966 (11:12:15 AM): okay hold on
noisecontrol1 (11:12:18 AM): Go ahead and flip
noisecontrol1 (11:12:35 AM): my brothers birthday
noisecontrol1 (11:12:50 AM): The wedding - My cousin Bree and her husband Chris
noisecontrol1 (11:13:03 AM): Some people at brennans
noisecontrol1 (11:13:07 AM): the door
noisecontrol1 (11:13:13 AM): Essex pub
noisecontrol1 (11:13:16 AM): Me
noisecontrol1 (11:13:52 AM): My cousin Dave
noisecontrol1 (11:15:31 AM): This is pretty much my life, I've been walking around Niagara Falls with a camera phone the last couple weeks
noisecontrol1 (11:15:43 AM): Thats my shrink
noisecontrol1 (11:16:14 AM): Niagara U
noisecontrol1 (11:16:26 AM): McDonalds
noisecontrol1 (11:16:43 AM): Eminem is on
noisecontrol1 (11:16:52 AM): the radio
noisecontrol1 (11:17:00 AM): Thats scott
noisecontrol1 (11:17:06 AM): my sister
noisecontrol1 (11:17:33 AM): Tanya
noisecontrol1 (11:17:45 AM): she just bought a new house
noisecontrol1 (11:18:11 AM): Tom
noisecontrol1 (11:18:18 AM): He just had an aneurism
noisecontrol1 (11:18:26 AM): He's still in the hospital
andysheart1966 (11:18:28 AM): nice pics
noisecontrol1 (11:18:39 AM): Yep,
noisecontrol1 (11:18:43 AM): Thanks
noisecontrol1 (11:18:51 AM): I am going to be taking a lot more.
andysheart1966 (11:19:08 AM): anuerism's are nothing to mess with
noisecontrol1 (11:19:29 AM): I know
andysheart1966 (11:19:41 AM): this a club I would not want to get with
noisecontrol1 (11:19:53 AM): I hope he gets out soon though. I don't want him to lose his job. He works in the media
noisecontrol1 (11:20:31 AM): He helped me get on the radio onc
andysheart1966 (11:20:32 AM): is he still unconcious
noisecontrol1 (11:20:35 AM): eno
noisecontrol1 (11:20:43 AM): they moved him out of ICU
andysheart1966 (11:20:54 AM): okay
noisecontrol1 (11:21:26 AM): Well I won't keep you much longer. Glad you checked out the site. I'm going to go and press this discussion
noisecontrol1 (11:21:37 AM): Have a great morning
andysheart1966 (11:21:44 AM): okay and you also
andysheart1966 (11:21:54 AM): byeee
Hip Hop Prophecies
by Christopher J. Bradley

This is nothing like the old days,
We are not heroes by proxy,
We are moving through the hip hop glaze,
Of another night and another day,
Just dropping lines and dropping rhymes,
Waiting for time to stand still and bring the earth home, like the birth of a motorhome.

Can I stop rhyming, not unless I'm crying,
For today is the day I was born for,
And tonight is the night I get my official groove on,
Because you can't not celebrate on your birthday,
Even if you're not mackin' You can still be stackin'

The wheel spins in the night,
And the office is closed after five,
So just hop in my ride and we'll jive,
Cause the road's open and I've got a plan,
To take the currents of wind by storm,
Into the new millenium by force of words rather than action, because action is a triggered gun.

I've never dropped my hands on a soul,
And I'll never go to fisticuffs with you,
Even though I'm big,
And I could crush you like a rock,
It's not my scene this fighting thing,
And I don't know why it would matter,
It's time to end human on human violence,
For good and make the world sit down and take notice, Get Googled rather than oogled,
And for once for crying out loud,
Could I just have one Rose for the past.

Tone Def One is now on-line.
by Christopher J. Bradley

Tone Def One - Formerly an uninitiated Blog is now on-line as www.tonedef1.com. Just click the link here and you're in the mix. The site is a repository for all of my writings on bands from the 90's and the new millenium. We are not about the old school or retrofitting pop. We are about progressing into the new era with fresh ideas about fresh sounds. There is no requirement in particular to join as a reviewer. If you are interested, just hit reply and let me know, I'll add you to this list and you can begin writing your own. With Blogging comes the possibility of Syndication and that possibility allows the feeds to spread all over the world. I am looking for any kind of donation to get a registered copy of newscrawler. It costs $25.00 and it is my birthday today, so if you're interested, swing by my house tonight, grab some cake and ice cream and hit me up.

I can't tell all of you how happy I've been to be a part of your lives for so long now, even though we don't all get to get together immediately, we see each other here and there through e-mails and phone calls. A lot of you probably think my activities are solely restricted to drinking and gambling, but I assure you, I've had this planned for quite some time, so just click it. www.tonedef1.com. And enjoy the trip. It will take you over some ground you may not have covered in your youth. I just wrote about 50 augmentations to the original text and blogged them in with the rest and it looks really sharp. I can't tell you how much of a blessing this new technology for building pages is. With the working knowledge I have of HTML it was a snap to throw this package together, and I'm pleased every time I look at it. It's quite narscissitic, looking at the me of yesteryear, those were the days of raves, drugs, women, and all the rest, but they were something else too, they were about growing up and we all have to do that sometime, so join me in the enjoyment of something that is fresh, new, and on the horizon of tommorow's platform of web heading.

Your friend, compatriot, and partner in extortion,

Christopher J. Bradley
Noisecontrol Publishing


(c)2004 All Rights Reserved

Monday, April 05, 2004

David Bowie
www.noisecontrolpub.com - Noisecontrol Publishing - My friend Mike said today that he went to see a Bowie show in Toronto this past week. Man that guy sure is kickin' it live for being as old as he is. He said that Bowie played all the young dudes, suffragette city, and Ziggy Stardust. He also played under pressure and a few others that I can't recall right now. But isn't that interesting, we find all kinds of interest in 70's music even today. It boggles the mind, when there is so much new stuff to be into. Oh yeah, he also played I'm afraid of Americans from the Earthling CD.

Jo - we managed to be in communicado last night. Hopefully things will go better tonight and I will actually catch you on-line. I am stuck at home yet again, because the car I drive is still not here, so I'll be working on my blogs and getting ready for the next big thing. You know it, I'm not pulling any punches this week, I'm ready for the big time.

Talk to you soon,


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