Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Tone Def One is now on-line.
by Christopher J. Bradley

Tone Def One - Formerly an uninitiated Blog is now on-line as www.tonedef1.com. Just click the link here and you're in the mix. The site is a repository for all of my writings on bands from the 90's and the new millenium. We are not about the old school or retrofitting pop. We are about progressing into the new era with fresh ideas about fresh sounds. There is no requirement in particular to join as a reviewer. If you are interested, just hit reply and let me know, I'll add you to this list and you can begin writing your own. With Blogging comes the possibility of Syndication and that possibility allows the feeds to spread all over the world. I am looking for any kind of donation to get a registered copy of newscrawler. It costs $25.00 and it is my birthday today, so if you're interested, swing by my house tonight, grab some cake and ice cream and hit me up.

I can't tell all of you how happy I've been to be a part of your lives for so long now, even though we don't all get to get together immediately, we see each other here and there through e-mails and phone calls. A lot of you probably think my activities are solely restricted to drinking and gambling, but I assure you, I've had this planned for quite some time, so just click it. www.tonedef1.com. And enjoy the trip. It will take you over some ground you may not have covered in your youth. I just wrote about 50 augmentations to the original text and blogged them in with the rest and it looks really sharp. I can't tell you how much of a blessing this new technology for building pages is. With the working knowledge I have of HTML it was a snap to throw this package together, and I'm pleased every time I look at it. It's quite narscissitic, looking at the me of yesteryear, those were the days of raves, drugs, women, and all the rest, but they were something else too, they were about growing up and we all have to do that sometime, so join me in the enjoyment of something that is fresh, new, and on the horizon of tommorow's platform of web heading.

Your friend, compatriot, and partner in extortion,

Christopher J. Bradley
Noisecontrol Publishing


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