Monday, April 05, 2004

David Bowie - Noisecontrol Publishing - My friend Mike said today that he went to see a Bowie show in Toronto this past week. Man that guy sure is kickin' it live for being as old as he is. He said that Bowie played all the young dudes, suffragette city, and Ziggy Stardust. He also played under pressure and a few others that I can't recall right now. But isn't that interesting, we find all kinds of interest in 70's music even today. It boggles the mind, when there is so much new stuff to be into. Oh yeah, he also played I'm afraid of Americans from the Earthling CD.

Jo - we managed to be in communicado last night. Hopefully things will go better tonight and I will actually catch you on-line. I am stuck at home yet again, because the car I drive is still not here, so I'll be working on my blogs and getting ready for the next big thing. You know it, I'm not pulling any punches this week, I'm ready for the big time.

Talk to you soon,


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