Friday, May 14, 2004

Music Reviews

I have to get back to updating the links on the music reviews. It's
been some time now since I worked on that, and some mindless work
should keep me occupied tonight. I need something to keep me home safe
drinking coffee and smoking.



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This is a second test

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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Mexican Radio

Now, I've got this silly 80's track about Mexican Radio, just stuck in my head and spiraling in and out. It's really kind of annoying.

What's up with these new Animated Gif files that talk at you from off the web page? Now you don't just see banner ads? But you hear them? This is spooky and in my opinion invasion into my private space. I shouldn't have to look at them to begin with. What if my computer is idle and some Pop up Crap comes up with one of these talking Gifs? Talk about annoying to the utmost. If anyone ever does anything like this to me I am waging a full scale campaign against them. And as you know, I cannot be stopped.

-Christofolo. "Of the Mexican Radio - OooooooooooooooOhhhhhhhhhh"