Thursday, April 22, 2004


Wholly! I just heard the sickest mix of Nas over the Apotheosis opening from the rave set of the early 90's on Semtex's saturday night mix tape. Semtex is the bomb for finding this track. Wow! Apotheosis was tough enough to find on its own back in the day, but later became a Rave anthem.
For those of you tuned into the rave scene, I've posted several updates to my Rave Saga in my youth at For those of you already not familliar with that Blog. It is a chronicling of my journeys from West to East. MidWest that is, as I have never been further west than Normal Illinois.

Thank God. The One Hit Wonders weekend on 102.1 is over.. Just what we needed was a re-hash of not so good overplayed 90's music. Greats like EMF's unbelievable and their Ilk. The only decent one I heard I think is Jesus Jones Right Here Right Now.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Now that I've heard Muse, I think I like the Vines better. Just tastewise. I also like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Stills. There's more to be heard from in Music Land. Check Out Panjabi Hit Squad on BBC 1 Xtra. Their stuff is moving and shaking the sound barriers. DJ Semtex isn't bad either.