Monday, June 07, 2004

The following two messages were posted on an AOL Message board today. I thought you might get a kick out of them...The Subject: The MTV Movie Awards.



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Subject: Couldn't Eminem have waited?
Date: 6/7/2004 12:58 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Rickie0313
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Couldn't Eminem have waited until the 2004 MTV
Video Music Awards to moon everyone during his
performance of "My Band" with D12? He's had 2
or even 3 of his moments at the VMA's in the last 5 years,
all of which were not very amusing, except for the
100 Eminem lookalikes storming the stage in 1999.
This latest stunt at the 2004 MTV Movie Awards for me is
the straw that broke the camel's back, even though
the show airs this Thursday. How does the media
know what happens in advance of this stuff, anyhow?
At first, the MTV Movie Awards were very fun in 1992,
but 12 years later, to say that MTV's really gotten
out of hand with their lame movie parodies, bad language,
and outragious stunts, that's a huge understatement.
To have Eminem pull a Janet Jackson, after deuting
with Elton John at the 2000 Grammy Awards, I'd say
he's back to his old Slim-Shady ways, again. I stopped
watching the MTV Movie Awards around 1997, and I'm
skipping this one, too.

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Subject: Re: Couldn't Eminem have waited?
Date: 6/7/2004 6:08 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: ChrisJbrad73
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The MTV Movie awards, childish as they may be, are a testament to our times. The people that are actually watching the movies are getting to vote, as opposed to the Academy which is made up of members of the rich hollywood elite. While they may be seen as childish, I think they are worth a look into this year. Thank you for reminding me of the date : I'll know what to look for!

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Chris Bradley